Rare 2.5 ct Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond 18K Ring

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This beautiful gemstone ring has one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones – The Tsavorite Garnet. This garnet has a gorgeous color... it's a fully saturated emerald green - saturation is shown be a scale where 5/5 is the most saturated (this one is 5/5). We love this gorgeous gemstone’s color and gemmy sparkle. This is such a superb very rare gemstone that we put it in a setting that properly complements it - in 18K yellow gold with 4 rows of pave diamonds - perfectly complementing the Tsavorite.

This gemstone is extremely rare as it is from the original Kenyan mine. Most Tsavorite garnets are less than one carat, and much less saturated. This is a rare find, and a very sought-after gemstone for collectors. Tsavorites are rare and extremely expensive. Most Tsavorites are under 1 carat. Typically with this intense vivid color, <1 ct to 2 cts sell for $1500/ct. 2 to 3 carat gemstones (rare) sell for $3000 - $4000/ct; above 3 cts to 5 carats sell for $5,000+ per carat.

18K yellow gold
Pave Diamonds:
Weight: .55 cttw (approx.)
Size: 6.5 (easily sizable - we offer complementary sizing on all our rings)

Natural Tsavorite Garnet
Weight: 2.48 carats
Size (L x W x D): 9.45 x 6.98 x 5.12 mm
Cut/Shape: Oval, brilliant
Color: Rich, vivid emerald green
Saturation: 5/5
Origin: Kenya
Treatment: None, unheated

More About these Rare Tsavorite Gemstones:

Tsavorite (Saav-oh-rite) Garnet is much rarer than the rare Tanzanite, being a single-source gemstone. Only a small amount of fine Tsavorite crystals are found each year and most of these are very small. Good sized (1-2 carat) fine stones are difficult to get and the 2+ carat fine Tsavorites are very rare indeed. This is definitely a precious stone of the caliber of which heirlooms are made. People who know gemstones call the Tsavorite the "King of Green Gemstones" (yes - the Tsavorite is more prized than the Emerald by gemologists and collectors and much more rare). The Tsavorite has the same hardness as an Emerald, but is much less likely to fracture. The colors are superb, ranging from light mint green to intense green.

Tsavorite was discovered in the 1960s and is only found in one region on the planet - East Africa. Tsavorite was originally found in the Tsavo National Park, on the border of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. This region is very difficult to get to and add to the equation poisonous snakes and lions everywhere - the mining is dangerous.