6.68 ct. Rose Pink Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond Ring 18K

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Do you know about tourmaline?  It's hard, sparkly, and comes in every color of the rainbow.  Most jewelry stores don't have tourmaline!

This is a rare tourmaline referred to as a 'Paraiba' because it has copper and manganese traces in it (which give it the beautiful sparkle), it is eye clean (VVS) and is an incredibly [saturated] rosy pink with slight orange influences. It's a magnificent gemstone, so we put it in an equally fabulous setting. Our setting design has colorless, matched sparkling diamond leaves; all in solid 18K rose gold.

This rare beauty was mined in Brazil and is totally natural. The gemstone comes with certification of its authenticity.

As always, we send it in a beautiful gift box for presentation, wrapped in ribbon.


Natural Paraiba Tourmaline

Clarity: VVS

Weight: 6.68 carats

Size (L x W x D): 13.0 x 11.0 x 7.80 mm

Cut: Oval Modified Brilliant

Origin: Brazil

Treatment: None (no heat, etc.)

Color: Padparadscha (rose pink with slight orange influences)


Metal: Solid 18K Rose Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Clarity/Color: VVS-VS/F (colorless)

Cut: Round, Brilliant, Full Cut (57 facets each)

Weight: .98 cttw (approx.)

Size: 6.5 (we offer complementary sizing on all of our ring)