Violet Spinel & Diamond 18K Ring

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Add a dash of elegance to your look with this stunning 18-karat white gold ring. The brilliant ring features a vibrant violet, fancy square-cut spinel. The beautiful stone is prong-set inside an elaborate undercarriage over a pave knife-edge white gold band. The undercarriage and band are encrusted with pave set sparkling white diamonds that add to the timeless luxury of this breathtaking ring.

*Cert included



Weight: 3.94 carats

Shape/Cut: Flanders Cut (fancy square cut)

Size (LxWxD): 8.55 x 8.53 x 6.37 mm

Color: Violet Purple

Origin: Namya Mogok

Treatment: none 


Metal: Solid 18K White Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Weight: .45 carats

Shape/Cut: Round, Brilliant

Clarity/Color: VS/G

Size: 6.5 (free sizing)

What exactly is a Spinel?

Spinels are 100 times rarer than Rubies and Sapphires, yet less expensive (because most of the world still doesn't know about these rare beauties!). The minerals that comprise Spinel are very similar to Rubies and Sapphires (Corundum), in fact, Spinels are always found in the mines with Rubies and Sapphires. Spinels are hard, and make fantastic gemstones in jewelry - with a lot of Bling! Spinels have been mistaken for Rubies and Sapphires for centuries - they are even in the Crown Jewels of England, i.e., The Black Prince's Ruby which is actually a large red Spinel. They are also singly refractive, which gives them their intense colors - they come in a wide range of beautiful colors, just like sapphires.