4.32 cttw Ideal Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 7"

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This classic tennis bracelet is 7" long with 65 glistening ideal cut diamonds.  The diamonds are VS/SI clarity, G color in 14K yellow gold.  It's blinding in sunlight!

The diamonds are excellent quality, and larger with each one approximately .07 carat.  

Classic sophistication.


Length: 7"

Width: 3.6 mm

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Average Weight: .07 ct each, 4.32 cttw

Average Clarity/Color: VS/SI /G (colorless)

Plunger Clasp with Hidden Safety Lock

About Ideal Cut Diamonds

Only 3% of all cut diamonds are ideal cut.  They are the top quality cutting - there is nothing better for brilliance and sparkle.  Extremely labor-intensive, they are the best diamonds in the world.  There is a huge difference with ideal cut diamonds over modern brilliant cut diamonds, and this bracelet is spectacular.