Cushion Cut Pink Spinel & Diamond 18K Ring

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This exquisite gemstone ring has rare and natural (untreated) bubblegum pink spinel, direct from the mines in Mai Sae, Thailand. The town of Mae Sai is a major border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), and they are finding extremely fine gemstones in this region.

We flanked this lovely cushion cut spinel with 2 sparkling diamonds in a classic 3-stone ring design.  We added diamonds to the basket of the 3 gemstones, plus we did a satin finished on the solid 18K band which draws focus on the sparkling gems (you can, of course, request it high polished if you would like).


Natural Spinel

Weight: 2.78 ct

Size (L x W x D): 8.1 x 7.2 x 4.8 mm

Cut/Shape: Round, Brilliant

Color: Pink

Origin: Mae Sai, Thailand

Treatment: None (no heating/no treatment)

Clarity: VVS/VS


18K White Gold (satin finished)

Accents: Diamonds

Clarity/Color: VS/F

Cut/Shape: Round, Brilliant, Full Cut

Weight: .76 cttw

Size: 6.5 (easily sizable - we offer complementary sizing on our rings)

Please note: The 2 side diamonds come with a GIA certification.


What exactly is a Spinel?

Spinels are 100 times rarer than Rubies and Sapphires, yet less expensive (because most of the world still doesn't know about these rare beauties!). The minerals that comprise Spinel are very similar to Rubies and Sapphires (Corundum), in fact, Spinels are always found in the mines with Rubies and Sapphires. Spinels are hard, and make fantastic gemstones in jewelry - with a lot of Bling! Spinels have been mistaken for Rubies and Sapphires for centuries - they are even in the Crown Jewels of England, i.e., The Black Prince's Ruby which is actually a large red Spinel. They are also singly refractive, which gives them their intense colors - they come in a wide range of beautiful colors, just like sapphires. This is a real find! We bought this gemstone from the mine in Mae Sai, Thailand - for your collection!