Very Rare Neon Grossular Garnet & Diamond Ring

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Talk about rare!

This beautiful ring has one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones:  The neon Kelly green grossular garnets. Most people think that garnets are just red. This is one of the most beautiful garnets in the world. Kelly green garnets are rare, but this one - is neon Kelly green. Totally natural, not treated in any way, it's just a very special gemstone.

We put this garnet in our setting that has baguette diamonds on 3 sides of the band, at the shoulders, showcasing the gemstone properly in 18K yellow gold. The diamonds are VVS/VS in clarity, and F in color (colorless). We also put full cut round diamonds on the setting basket, just because.

Natural Grossular Garnet
Weight: 4.651 carats
Size (Diameter x D): 11.0 x 8.72 x 6.36 mm
Cut/Shape: Oval, Brilliant
Color: Neon Kelly Green
Origin: Merelani Hills, Tanzania, Africa
Treatment: None


Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Clarity/Color: VVS-VS/F (colorless)

Cut/Shape: Round, Brilliant, Full Cut (57 facets)

Weight .85 carats TDW

Size: 6.5 (we offer complementary sizing on all our rings)

About this rare gemstone:

This fantastic gemstone has a 'glow' which is unexpected for the Garnet Group, due to vanadium and chromium in the crystal. Though this comes from the same area as its relative, Tsavorite, the brightness, vivid color and glow is very unlike any other garnet.

This gemstone is like a neon Paraiba, but it is definitely a garnet. Most rare green garnets from Africa are either Mali garnets (exhibiting a greenish yellow color), a hybrid of grossular and andradite garnet species; Tsavorite garnets (medium to dark tone emerald green), a grossular garnet; Merelani mint garnets (light toned green), a grossular garnet; and this one – a neon kelly green. This is a very, rare grossular garnet that is a spectacular natural color.

Color is the most important factor when determining the value and quality of the gemstone. Look to the hue, tone and saturation when looking at a rare green garnet. The most prized very rare green garnets have vivid colors and a balanced, even tone.

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