Teal Oregon Copper-bearing Sunstone & Diamond 18K Ring

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Swoon:  Oregon copper-bearing sunstone with schiller. We fell in love with this gemstone’s size, colors and sparkle. We made a setting of glistening, colorless diamonds on the band with a diamond swirl design on the basket (holding the gem).  We want this ring to sparkle at every angle.

This gemstone is AAA in quality (best). There are other sunstones from all over the world, but what makes Oregon sunstones so important is that they are harder than all other sunstones, making them sturdy gemstones for everyday wear, they are clearer, have fabulous coloration and also are copper-bearing (America's only copper-bearing gemstone). The 'Schiller' in the gemstones are microscopic copper discs situated in lines within the gemstone. This particular gemstone is dichroic - two colors of green and red. The Schiller is real copper, and when sunlight hits it, the sparkle is, well gorgeous.


Oregon Sunstone with Pure Copper Schiller

Weight: 3.65 carats

Size (Dimension x Depth): 10.55 x 7 mm

Cut/Shape: Round, 'Sparkler' brilliant

Color: Pink/Red/Green/Mystique

Origin: Sunstone Butte Mine, Southeastern Oregon

AAA Top Gem


Metal:  18K White Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Clarity/Color: VS/F

Weight: .64 tcw (approx.)

Size: 6.5 (we offer free sizing)

What exactly is a Copper-Bearing Oregon Sunstone with Schiller Effect?

This is one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones for collectors and anyone who appreciates beautiful gemstone jewelry – and it’s only mined from one small region in the United States. There are a lot of Sunstones mined throughout the world – but nothing can compare to the Oregon Sunstone with the Schiller effect. Oregon Sunstone is a trade name for a particular type of Labradorite, which belongs to the mineral family of feldspars. Like common sunstone, it comes in various colors, including red, blue, green, yellow and most commonly, a faint straw color. Unlike the common sunstone, Oregon Sunstone is transparent, and can be cut into amazingly lively faceted gems. Also - Oregon Copper-Bearing Sunstone is a lot harder than other Sunstones mined elsewhere in the world. They are comparable to Amethyst and Citrine, 7.2 - 7.5 on the Mohs' Scale of hardness, suitable for everyday wear.

An oddity of Oregon Sunstone is the enhancing presence of ‘Schiller’. In the case of Oregon Sunstone, Schiller consists of very thin, opaque, parallel sheets (flat crystals) of copper within the gemstone. These sheets are so thin that they cannot be seen from the edge. When viewed from an angle perpendicular to the Schiller plane, the Schiller acts like a polished copper mirror, reflecting the coppery color back to your eyes. Many stones appear to be perfectly transparent at first, but when they are viewed in just the right direction, a pink to red metallic shimmer flashes from within the stone.

A Schillered Oregon Sunstone is more valuable than any other Sunstone. A properly cut Oregon Sunstone with Schiller maintains brilliance from every viewing angle, but displays a fascinating color shifting effect as the copper Schiller is rotated into view.

Oregon mined gems are rarest of ALL Sunstones in the world. Only the genuine Oregon Sunstones are found in extremely rare colors like pure Blood Red, Padparadscha, Orange, Salmon and Copper Red, and even the most valued Green or Blue Green, many of them sparkle with illusive pure Copper Schiller. This color, type and gem quality Sunstone is not found anywhere else on this planet.

Colored Gemstones are graded and valued by several factors:
1. Rarity
2. Color
3. Clarity
4. Size
5. Cut
This gemstone is the best quality possible.

Legend and Lore*:

Oregon Sunstone is used well with the first two chakra areas, as it is one to inspire sensuality, romance and sexuality. It also is said to inspire freedom, originality, independence and luck. Sunstone is also supposed to dissipate fearfulness, to alleviate stress and to provide "luck" in game, warm the heart, lift/rejuvenate the spirit. Sunstone is purported to brings a sunny disposition, and can be used for protection, grounding and life force.

*The information provided above is for entertainment purposes only. It is based on centuries of folklore, well before the age of modern medicine. It is not meant as actual medical information or advice in any way.