Australian Opal & Diamond 18K Ring

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The opal in this ring is big, neon and gorgeous! An 8.70 carat crystal rainbow opal cabochon is surrounded by a 2-sided halo encrusted with beautiful colorless, sparkling diamonds, and a 3-sided arrangement of diamonds on the band, all in 18K rose gold. The diamonds are set for maximum scintillation. There is a lot of red in this opal, along with every other color of the rainbow.

Opals are lighter in density than many other gemstones, so a 5 carat opal compares in size to a 14 carat natural zircon, which is much more dense. The play of color, pattern and scintillation of this gemstone is 5/5 (the best, AAA). It looks as if it is plugged in.

Mintabie Opals are highly prized for their neon color patterns and hardness. While most opals are 6.5 on the Mohs' Scale of hardness, Mintabie opals are much harder. Their rarity, color, hardness and the size of this opal all make this an heirloom quality designer ring. We cannot say enough about the quality of this opal - it is literally like a beacon - the colors follow you around the room.  Please Note:  The color of this opal is lighter than the photographs.  The combination of direct sunlight on a translucent opal and the amount of amazing color bands in the opal show it as yellow in the photographs.


Australian Crystal Opal

Weight: 8.703 carats

Shape/Cut: Oval Cabochon

Size (LxWxH): 17.71 x 13.43 x 6.21 mm

Origin: Mintabie, Australia

Treatment: None

Hardness: 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs' Scale


Metal:  Solid 18K Rose Gold

Size: 6.5 (we offer complimentary sizing)

Accents: Diamonds

Weight: 1.20 tcw approx.

Clarity: VS/F

Shape/Cut: Round brilliant

Treatment: None

About Mintabie Opals:

The Mintabie Region of South Australia is well known for producing some of the hardest, durable and most beautiful opals in the world. Very little mining is done today in this region as the living conditions are some of the harshest on the planet, and most of the opal producing areas have been mined out. There are less than a handful of miners left actively mining this region.

The magnificent beauty of this opal represents the best of the best in Australian opals:  strong patterns of red, orange, green, blue, purple, yellow with the added benefit of hardness.