14.80 ct Mystique Oregon Copper-Bearing Sunstone with Schiller & Diamond 18K Ring

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Magnificent. Mesmerizing. Spectacular... If you're a rare gemstone connoisseur, or just appreciate superb colored gemstones, you will love this Mystique Oregon sunstone. It's really a wonder of nature. This is the rarest and most valued type of Oregon sunstone. Richly saturated multicolor (also called “Mystique”) gems typically exhibit 3 or more distinctively different colors. All shades of green, blue, teal, red, purple, pink, orange, peach can be seen in a single stone. The type and intensity of each color gradually changes and blends into each other based on lighting conditions and angle of view. Flashes of copper schiller add sparkle and uniqueness to this gemstone. There is no other gem that can duplicate this phenomenon. 

This sunstone exhibits all mystique colors of teal, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange when viewed at different angles and in different lighting. The cutting is fancy and expert. The schiller is magnificent and the size is incredible. At almost 15 carats, it raises the bar on statement rings. We set this important gemstone in 18K rose gold with colorless diamonds, not to detract, but to complement the gemstone.


Oregon Sunstone with Pure Copper Schiller

Weight: 14.80 carats

Size (LxWxD): 17.51 x 14.21 x 11.84 mm

Shape/Cut: Fancy Marquise, Brilliant

Color: Pink/Red/Green/Blue/Teal "Mystique"

Clarity: VVS

Origin: Sunstone Butte Mine, Southeastern Oregon

AAA Top Gem

Treatment: None


Metal: Solid 18K Rose Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Weight: 1.0 tcw

Clarity/Color: VS/F

Size: 6.5 (don't worry; we offer free sizing on all our rings)

As this is a multi-color, rare gemstone we recommend watching the video link to see it indoors. The photographs were taken in direct sunlight, and because of the spectacular nature of this important gemstone, the indoor video will give you a good representation of color in another type of lighting.