Natural Color Change Spinel & Diamond 18K Ring

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This rare gemstone ring has a very sought-after gemstone:  a natural, unheated blue color-change spinel, direct from the mines in Vietnam. We designed an 18K white gold and diamond setting that is a nod to Art Deco fashion. It complements the rarity of this important gem perfectly. 

This gemstone changes color from sapphire blue (in daylight) to purple with incandescent lighting and candlelight. It's a rare occurrence for gemstones to change color with different lighting. The most famous gemstones to change color are alexandrites. We love the rarest and most beautiful gemstones in the world - and love to make beautiful jewelry out of them.


(**Please be wary of 'lab grown' and 'cultured' gemstones. They are synthetic, and are never worth more than a few dollars.)


Natural Blue Color-Change Spinel 

Weight: 2.05 carats

Size (L x W x D): 9 x 6.7 x 4.2 mm

Shape/Cut: Oval, Brilliant

Color: Sapphire blue changing to purple

Origin: Vietnam

Treatment: None (unheated/untreated)


Metal: 18K White Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Cut/Shape: Round, Brilliant, Full-Cut

Weight: .54 tcw (approx)

Size: 7.25 (we always offer free sizing on our rings)

What exactly is a Spinel?

Spinels are 100 times rarer than Rubies and Sapphires, yet less expensive (because most of the world still doesn't know about these rare beauties!). The minerals that comprise Spinel are very similar to Rubies and Sapphires (Corundum), in fact, Spinels are always found in the mines growing right next to Rubies and Sapphires. Spinels are hard and sparkly and make fantastic gemstones in jewelry to be worn everyday - with a lot of Bling! They have been mistaken for Rubies and Sapphires for centuries - they are even in the Crown Jewels of England, i.e., The Black Prince's Ruby - which is actually a large red Spinel. They come in a wide range of beautiful colors, just like sapphires. They are also similar to Sapphires in hardness (8 on the Mohs' Scale) yet half the price. This is a real find! We bought this large gemstone from the mines in Ceylon - for your collection!

Legend and Lore*:

Spinel is said to be a stone of revitalization, and can re-energize. This makes it an excellent stone for workaholics. It is said to help release your stress and anxieties, and replenish your low energy levels. It is supposed to bring you inspiration and new hope. Some say the energies of this stone will help you find new ways of thinking and give you the strength to face life’s challenges while making you more persistent and determined not to crumble under pressure, and it will help you look forward to the future when this difficult period is over.

It is said to open your chakras because of its extensive color range, and stimulate kundalini energies to travel up your spine.
Spinel is said to enhance all the positive sides of your personality, and help you achieve success with humility, while helping you accept your failures with optimism. The folklore suggests this stone will align your physical, emotional, and etheric bodies and remove all the blockages that are preventing a smooth energy flow, while promoting physical vitality and ease all signs of exhaustion in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

*The information provided above is for entertainment purposes only. It is based on centuries of folklore, well before the age of modern medicine. It is not meant as actual medical information or advice in any way.