Rare Chrome Sphene & Diamond 18K Ring

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Please note that all photos are taken in direct sunlight. To see an accurate depiction of the color in this gemstone indoors and in shade, please see the video.

This is a rare and spectacular sphene. It's origin is Madagascar, and due to its chromium content, the color is a magnificent emerald green with Kelly green and major rainbow sparkle. The color for sphene is rare, and usually sphenes are included - this one is eye clean and has major light prismatic dispersion. Also known as sphene titanate, this is one of the world's most spectacular gemstones. This gemstone has a very high refractive index, and a dispersion that far exceeds diamonds. It is commonly referred to as a "Christmas tree flash". It is impossible to photograph the spectacular sparks (dispersion) of this gemstone. Bright sunlight gives you the 'rainbow' color flashes. This gemstone's rare clarity, color saturation and size (above 1 carat is rare), make it one of the rarest of the sphenes.

We designed and made a setting that complements sphene's color and sparks with a halo around the gemstone and a second outer halo with larger diamonds, The diamonds are full cut, meaning each one has 57 facets (blinding in the sunlight), colorless and matched perfectly. Made of solid 18K yellow gold, we put over a carat of colorless clear diamonds in this beautiful statement ring.


Natural Chrome Sphene

Weight: 2.69 carats

Cut: Fancy Cushion

Clarity: VVS

Size (LxWxD): 9.54 x 8.01 x 4.6 mm

Origin: Madagascar

Color: Fully Saturated Emerald Green with Kelly Green with Rainbow Flash

Treatment: None


Metal: 18K Solid Yellow Gold

Accents: Diamonds

32 Diamonds (16 - .06 ct and 16 .03 - .04 ct)

Shape/Cut: Round/Brilliant Full Cut (57 facets each)

Clarity/Color: VVS/VS - F (colorless)

Weight: 1.40 tcw

Size: 6.5 (we offer complimentary sizing)