D Block Tanzanite Stud Earrings 18K

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This is a gorgeous pair of natural, D-Block (best quality/color) tanzanite earrings in 18K yellow gold. The round tanzanites are larger at 9.5 mm in diameter and are set in a 4-prong setting with post and friction backs. The butterfly friction backs are slightly larger, holding the tanzanites in place comfortably on your ears. Perfect to wear anywhere. Round tanzanites are difficult to get as gemstones are priced on a per carat basis and the round cut has more waste than an oval or emerald cut.


2 Natural Tanzanites

Shape/Cut: Round, Brilliant

Weight: 8.22 cttw

Color: Perfect Dark Bluish Purple

Size (diameter x depth): 9.5 mm x 6.6 mm

Origin: Tanzania


Metal: 18K Solid Yellow Gold

Prong Set

Post/friction Backs

Tanzanites are considered a 'single generation' gemstone. The gemstone was discovered around 1970 and there were initially 4 areas of mines (A, B, C & D Block). Today, there is only the D Block left that produces any material and that is a finite supply. They have not found tanzanite in any other area of the Merelani Hills, Tanzania.