Diaspore & Diamond 18K Ring

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This is one of the rarest colored gemstones on the planet - if you like exotics, if you love rare gemstones, if you like an usual gemstone that changes color and no one else has... you will love this one - and it's affordable.
Finding a Diaspore that is over one carat is truly a find...  This one is over 5 carats, is thoroughly saturated and is 'gemmy' with plenty of sparkle.  This gemstone has a 'phantom' inclusion (which is desirable).  This phantom inclusion is a tiny rainbow inside this gemstone.  It is just spectacular.
We put this gemstone in one of our most popular settings - in 18K rose gold with lots of beautiful high quality diamonds.  The rose gold makes this gemstone 'pop' - when it's green it is a complimentary color, and when the gemstone changes to peach, the rose gold accentuates it.  We took this beautiful gemstone, cut perfectly in a large oval shape that is deep cut for endless sparkle and put it in one of our newly designed settings; 8 prong rose gold that has approximately .66 carat of bright white, clear round diamonds under the gemstone in swirls and also diamond on the band - a truly one-of-a-kind rarity.  The result is just fabulous.  Of the photos listed, 4 are in direct sunlight (gemstone is green) while one photo had incandescent light turn the gemstone to reddish peach. A remarkable gemstone.
Please note:  There are a lot of Diaspore gemstones that are coming on the market that are synthetic or lead glass filled.  Ours are 100% natural gemstones - no heat, no fissure filling, straight from the mine and expertly cut. You can tell the synthetics as they turn red, not peach color.
Also - there is another name for this gemstone that is trademarked and we cannot use it. Just Google 'diaspore' and you will see it. It is also known as Turkizite.
Metal:  18K rose gold
Accents: .66 carat (approx)
Clarity/Color diamonds: VS/G
Size:  6.5 (easily sizable - we will size it for free - just ask us!)
Natural Diaspore
Weight:  9.83 carats
Shape/Cut:  oval, brilliant
Size (L x W x D):  16.19 x 11.31 x 6.45 mm
Origin:  Bafa Lake Region, Turkey
Color:  olive green to peach
Treatment:  None
Clarity:  SI
What exactly is a "Diaspore”?  If you are familiar with Alexandrite, you know that there are color changing gemstones out there...  gemstones that, depending upon whether the light source is incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, direct sunlight, etc. changes the color of the gemstone. In the gem trade, color change is a rarity in and of itself.  Alexandrite, East African Color Change Garnet and some rare Sapphires are all color change gemstones and we rarely see them.  All of these gemstones are rare - they are true color changing - not color shifting.  Diaspore, which is mined in only one place - in the Anatolia region of Turkey, is truly an exotic gemstone that you will treasure forever.  In some of the photos you will see the gemstone trying to change color - you'll see portions of the gemstone peach, while other parts are green.  The color change is more dramatic in person.