10 ct Peach Zircon Pear & Diamond Ring

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Don't confuse this amazing gemstone with Cubic Zirconia, which is synthetic. "Zircon" is a natural gemstone - and we love it because it is only one of three jewelry gemstones that have a higher dispersion than a diamond (flash), and is a very hard mineral, so it makes spectacular jewelry (the other 2 gemstones are demantoid garnet and sphene).  You might also notice the gemstone looks blurry in the photos - one of its unique qualities is 'double refraction' - so the sparkle is doubled as it reflects back to your eyes.  Currently, miners in Tanzania are frantically searching for more tanzanite.  The deeper into the earth they dig, they are finding little pockets of these exquisite pink and peach zircons.  Usually they are about 1 to 2 carats in weight and this one is over 10 carats of spectacular rainbow sparkle.
We took this special gemstone, cut perfectly in a brilliant pear shape in a 5 prong setting with bright white, clear (best grade) baguette diamonds on each side of this setting in satin finished solid white gold (the satin finish gives this ring even more sparkle).  
Natural Tanzanian Imperial Zircon 
Weight:  10.09 carats
Cut:  Pear, Brilliant
Size (LxWxD):  14.59 x 10.92 x 7.11 mm 
Origin:  Tanzania, Africa
Color:  Pinkish Orange
Metal:  14K white gold (satin finished band) with 14K rose gold setting head and prongs
Accents:  Diamonds
Weight: .41 carats (approx)
Clarity/Color: VS/F
Size:  6.5 (we offer complimentary sizing on our rings)
SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ZIRCON - Zircon is regarded as the traditional birthstone for December.  Zircon is the oldest known stone on earth.  Much older than diamonds and just as brilliant.  For centuries, people thought these gemstones were actually diamonds.  The fiery brilliance of zircon rivals diamonds and any other gemstone.  Zircons are double refractive so if you look deeply into the photos, you will see a slight blur or doubling of the facets.  it's just one of the things that make this gemstone spectacular!
Zircon is one of the heaviest gemstones, which means that it will weigh more than other stones with the same measurements. Zircon is also a hard gemstone - perfect for jewelry!  There is a descriptive word in the gem trade for the 'Top Gem, World Class' gemstones - they are referred to as "Gemmy".  This is definitely a 'gemmy' ring!
Natural zircon today suffers on account of the similarity of its name to "cubic zirconia", the laboratory-grown diamond imitation is NOT related to natural zircon in any way! Many people are unaware that there is a beautiful natural gemstone called zircon.  Natural zircon is spectacular in its sparkle - and because of this, cubic zirconia was made as the synthetic form of natural zircon.