Rare Natural Super Neon Blue Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond 18K Ring

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"This is the rarest and most sought-after gemstones globally"(source: GIA).

This gemstone looks like it is lit up with batteries and can be seen from across the room. Paraiba tourmaline is one of the most expensive and beautiful gemstones.  They are judged by their 1) color (neon is top), 2) size, and 3) clarity.

This one has perfect color and saturation: It's neon blue (slightly greenish). It's size and clarity are also rare as it is 5.58 carats, and is included, which is natural for a Type III gemstone. Moderate inclusions are considered normal for Paraibas. Paraibas, as with other colored gemstones and as opposed to diamonds, are graded by the eye only. Diamonds are always graded with at 10x loupe. With neon Paraibas, the more inclusions (copper), the more neon and sparkle.

This gemstone comes with a certification of authenticity as a natural copper-bearing neon blue Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique.

We put this gemstone in a befitting setting of 18K white gold with two rows of larger, colorless diamonds on the band and more diamonds on the setting basket. The photographs were taken in direct sunlight, which makes it even more neon. The gemstone photographs were not edited. This ring is actually this neon.


Natural Paraiba Tourmaline

Weight: 5.58 carats

Size (L x W x D): 9.8 x 9.69 x 8.12 mm

Clarity: SI (colored gemstones are graded without a loupe)

Cut: Square Cushion, Brilliant

Color: Neon Blue, Paraiba Color (blue with moderate saturation)

Origin: Mozambique


Metal: Solid 18K White Gold

Highly Polished

Accents: Diamonds

Clarity/Color: VS/F

Weight: 1.2 cttw (approx)

Shape/Cut: Round/Brilliant

Size 6.5 (easily sizable - we offer complementary sizing on our rings)

'Designed & made by women for women'

Paraiba Tourmalines were first discovered in the 1980s in Brazil. Today, most of the Paraiba Tourmaline is mined in Mozambique. Paraibas are copper-bearing and because of this, they absolutely become neon in any kind of lighting. Besides copper, the German Foundation for Gemstone Research has also found gold content within Paraiba Tourmaline, equaling to about 8.6 parts per every million.

Please be wary of 'lab grown' and 'cultured' Paraiba gemstones! They are synthetic, and are never worth more than a few dollars. This is a natural, 'mined' Paraiba. In gemology, Paraiba Tourmalines are copper-bearing and only Tourmalines. We’ve seen online stores selling “Paraiba spinels”. There are no such things. These are lab grown and called by the GIA ‘synthetic’.