October is for Tourmalines

October is for Tourmalines

Posted by Denise Forbes on 18th Oct 2018

Tourmalines are called 'the gemstones for the rich' because they come in 16,000 colors yet many jewelry stores don't carry them. There's many vibrant colors in various shades of virtually every hue. Some of the special tourmaline color varieties are:
  • Rubellite - means 'ruby-like'
  • Paraiba - this is the most sought-after gemstone, it's very rare, copper-bearing, and extremely valuable. Originally mined in Brazil; however, now the GIA is allowing the term 'Paraiba' to denote the copper-bearing tourmaline from Mozambique (and we have many! Pictured above.)
  • Indicolite - colors range from greenish blue to blue
  • Chrome - vibrant kelly green
  • Watermelon - pink or red, white, and green (sometimes a greenish blue). White needs to be present for it to be a watermelon tourmaline
  • Cat's Eye - tourmalines with a cat’s-eye effect called chatoyancy; cut in a cabochon to bring out the effect
Tourmaline and opal are the gemstones for October. It's the eighth wedding anniversary gift.

In the late 1800s, tourmaline became more popular because of the Tiffany gemologist, George F. Kunz, who wrote about the tourmaline deposits in Maine and California, noting the high quality of the stones mined there. (Some trivia for you: George Kunz discovered Morganite and Kunzite in San Diego.)

The majority of the pink and red tourmaline (rubellite) coming from San Diego County (California) previously was shipped to China because the Chinese Dowager Empress Tz'u Hsi was especially fond of the colors. They carved the tourmaline into snuff bottles and jewelry. San Diego County's tourmaline mines include the Tourmaline Queen, Tourmaline King, Stewart, Pala Chief, and Himalaya.

Tourmaline Folklore:

Tourmaline is believed to enrich the body and spirit, especially the nervous system, with a calming effect. Legend says it inspired creativity and was used extensively as a talisman by artists and writers.California Girl Jewelry's ode to October: Bubblegum Pink Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond 18K White Gold Ring. This tourmaline is copper-bearing and what that means is big sparkle! As the light hits the copper, there's an explosion of fireworks. We use only colorless diamonds to complement the exquisite color gems.
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