March Birthstone: Aquamarine

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Posted by Denise Forbes on 15th Mar 2017

Aquamarine (Latin meaning 'water of the sea' is named because of its resemblance to seawater). It can be found in sea green, sky blue, and dark blue colors. It is the blue-green variety of the beryl family (aquamarine's sister stones are the peachy-pink morganite and emerald being the green variety). Dark greenish-blue is the most desired color. 

The name 'Santa Maria' comes from the most famous aquamarine mine in South America, the Santa Maria de Itabira mine. The Santa Maria mine produced the world's best color aquamarines, but sadly the mine has been depleted for many years. It is also where the largest source of the gem is found with Africa becoming a strong rival. South America still produces the largest quantity, and the best quality of aquamarines.

Out of the ground, aquamarine has a slight green hue and are often heat-treated to turn the gem more pure blue. The natural, lighter color has become very popular by gem collectors and command premium prices. Whatever the hue, this March birthstone is highly sought after for its clarity, color, transparency, and calmness.

Aquamarine is a hard gemstone at 7.4 - 8 on the Mohs' scale, suitable for everyday jewelry wear.

Aquamarine Folklore:

The gemstone was believed to protect sailors by keeping seas calm. Once called the 'treasure of mermaids', the gem's power is believed to be stronger when submersed in water. In modern times, many people wear aquamarines to prevent travel sickness.

On land, it is known as a healing stone and often used to temper anxiety and soothe relationships.

It is the 19th wedding anniversary gift.

Shopping for Aquamarine:

  • Most valuable color is medium greenish blue to dark blue
  • Eye clean in clarity (no visible inclusions to the naked eye)
  • No color zoning (stripes of darker color)

We recommend cleaning all your aquamarine jewelry with warm water and Dawn dish soap. You can use a soft toothbrush if needed.

California Girl Jewelry's ode to March: 14 carat aquamarine double prong set in a diamond encrusted waves adorn the solid 18K white gold basket: