Rare Imperial Hessonite Garnet & Diamond 18K Gold Earrings

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Perfect yellow garnets! To say these are rare garnets is an understatement.  If you can find Imperial Hessonite Garnet, it usually is very included and has little to no sparkle.  Rarely they discover a pocket of these gemstones that have lustrous butter yellow color and, when faceted properly, sparkle the rainbow.  These are really beautiful.  Wish a slight hint of cinnamon color, we set them in 18K rose gold with large, colorless 'floating' diamonds suspended from round hoops of rose gold. 
As always with California Girl Jewelry, your shipping is free (USA) and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, your earrings will be packaged for presentation in a quality rosewood gift box.  One-of-a-kind, quality designed and manufactured by California Girl.
Metal: 18K solid rose gold
Prong set
Round brilliant diamonds
Weight: .30 carats total weight
Clarity/Color: VS/F
Earring Length: 1.5" top to bottom
Lever close
2 Natural Imperial Hessonite Garnets
Cut: Round, brilliant
Weight: 1.10 tcw
Size (diameter):  7 mm
Origin: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka
Treatment: None (no heat or other treatment)
Quality matters. Designed and manufactured by women, for women.
Quality matters. Designed and manufactured by women,

Garnet Legend & Lore:

The Garnet inspires romantic love, passion, sensuality, intimacy, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, career success, social popularity and self-confidence. Helps us become more productive. Assists in taking action, stimulates Kundalini, and is a "Stone of commitment." It energizes and revitalizes, balancing energy and bringing serenity. Activates other crystals, clears negative chakra energy. Treats spinal and cell disorders, blood, heart and lungs.