Rare Gorgeous Padparadscha Spinel and Diamond 18K Ring

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The 'padparadscha' color of this Spinel is as rare as it can get. Spinels are very much like sapphires - in fact, they are found growing next to sapphires in the mines (and they are over 100x rarer than sapphires!). The padparadscha color is the rarest of sapphires, and the same is true of spinels. Padparadscha sapphires of this quality sell for $25,000+ per carat.

We put this beautiful gemstone in a setting we designed - with 3 large clear, bright sparkling colorless diamonds on each side of the gemstone, and also under the gemstone in the gallery. Padparadscha sapphires are a gorgeous salmon color (a beautiful combination of pink and orange) with major sparkle.

Quality matters.  All photos taken in direct sunlight for the closest depiction of color.

Metal: 18K solid rose gold
Accents: Diamonds
Shape/cut: Round/brilliant full cut (57 facets each)
Clarity/Color: VS/F (colorless)
Weight: .75 cttw
Size: 6.5 (we offer complementary sizing on all rings)

Natural Spinel
Weight: 2.88 carats
Size (L x W x D): 8.02 x 7.46 x 5.56 mm
Cut: Cushion, brilliant
Origin: Sri Lanka
Color: Orangy reddish pink "padparadscha"
Treatment: None (unheated/untreated)

Spinels for centuries were confused as sapphires - for good reason. They only grow next to sapphires and rubies (corundum) in the earth and are similar in hardness (perfect for everyday wear). They come in many colors like sapphires and sparkle even more as they have a higher dispersion. They are 100x rarer than sapphires, and we love designing with them. The Black Prince's Ruby, which adorns the center of the Queen of England's crown, was determined to be a spinel in the early part of the 1900s.