Rare Color Change Bekily Garnet & Diamond 18K Ring

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To say this is a very rare garnet is an understatement. Alas, the mines only produced this gorgeous gemstone for a short while, and they are all mined out. The alexandrite-like color change from blue in daylight to purplish red in incandescent light is mainly caused by relatively high amounts of vanadium.

This magnificent garnet was mined years ago in the famous Bekily mines in Madagascar. It is a color change (incredibly rare), very similar to an alexandrite. In direct sunlight, it is a gorgeous navy blue, while under incandescent and candle light, this amazing gemstone turns a very bright red. This garnet is 100% rarer than the rarest Alexandrites. Years ago, it was a known fact that garnets came in every color - but blue. That is, until they discovered these garnets in Bekily Madagascar.

With California Girl, it's all about the gemstone. We designed this setting around it, to properly showcase the magnificent color and cut. The setting is solid 18K white gold, with blinding colorless diamonds that are high quality for maximum sparkle. There is a lower halo around the bottom of the gemstone and the diamonds on the band are on three sides for diamonds at every angle.

As always with California Girl Jewelry, your shipping is free (USA) and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, your ring will be packaged for presentation in a quality rosewood gift box.

Garnets are the birthstone of January and, as gemstones are quite hard, and suitable for everyday wear, and make great alternative engagement rings.

This gemstone ring comes with a certificate of authenticity.

18K solid white gold
8-prong setting
Size:; 6.5 (we offer free sizing)
Diamond clarity/color: VS/F (colorless)
Weight: 1.30 tcw (approx.)

Center: Color Change Garnet (we only sell natural gemstones)
Shape/Cut: Square Cushion cut
Weight: 2.999 carats
Size (L x W x D): 8.3 x 8 .2 x 4.8 mm
Origin: Bekily, Madagascar
Treatment: None
Color: Color Change: Indoors & sunlight: blue; incandescent/candlelight: purplish red; halogen and LED; purple with red sparks

More about Bekily, Madagascar Blue Color Change Garnets:

Garnets are available in all colors and are found around the world. Rarest and most valuable of all are blue garnets. They were discovered in 1998 in Bekily, Southern Madagascar. They are color change garnets, appearing blue under indoor/candescent and fluorescent light, changing to a strong red under incandescent and candlelight. The color change is pronounced and these rare garnets have become highly sought after by collectors. Much rarer then Alexandrites, sadly these magnificent gemstones are very rare and usually only available from connoisseur collectors. Garnets from Bekily, Madagascar are analogous to rubies from Burma - simply the best.