Rare Bekily Color Change Garnet & Diamond 18K Ring

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To say this is a rare garnet is an understatement.  This is an absolutely beautiful garnet, and is striking because it's a rare color.  In both incandescent and candlelight, it shifts from a padparadscha color to a purplish red color. This rare gemstone was mined in the famous Bekily, Madagascar mines which brought us never before seen colors in the garnet family.  Alas, the mines only produced this gorgeous gemstone for a short while, and are almost depleted. 
The photographs were taken outdoors, in direct sunlight.  The color is more pink in the sun and indoors the color is orangey pink.
This gemstone ring comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Color Change Garnet
Weight: 4.05 carats 
Shape/Cut: Oval, Mixed Cut

Size (LxWxD):  10.85 x 8.75 x 6.7 mm 
Clarity: VVS (eye clean)
Origin:  Bekily, Madagascar

Color:  Padparadscha (orangy pink to purplish red) 
Saturation:  Vivid
Metal: 18K Solid Rose Gold
8-prong Setting
Accents: Diamond
Clarity/Color:  VS/F  
Weight:  .80 tcw