Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon & Diamond 18K Ring

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Colorful and sparkling, this sumptuous ring is elegantly crafted from 18-karat yellow gold. The ring features a vibrant, blue zircon, oval brilliant cut and set above a gold cathedral setting. Glittering, (near) colorless diamonds embellish the the setting, completing this exquisite ring.  The color saturation, clarity, and carat weight make this blue zircon a triple AAA gemstone.  


Natural Zircon

Weight: 9.04 tcw

Shape/Cut: Oval, Brilliant

Size (LxWxD): 11.5 x 9.05 x 8.2 mm

Origin: Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Color: Deep 'Windex' Blue (saturation 5/5)


Solid 18K Yellow Gold

Accents: Diamonds

Weight: .65 tcw

Clarity/Color: VS/G 

Shape/Cut: Round, Brilliant

Size: 6.5 (free sizing)

Zircons are the oldest gemstone found deep in our earth's crust.  They are one of three gemstones that possess a higher dispersion than a diamond (the other two being sphene and demantoid garnets). The basket setting in this ring allows for much light to pass through the gemstone maximizing the spectacular sparkle.  Zircons are often confused with the synthetic "cubic zirconia"; however, they are in no way related.  Zircons are also the December birthstone.