Beautiful 28" Natural Keshi Petal Pearl Necklace 14K Clasp

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This pearl necklace is made of lustrous keshi pearls. These purple/grey/pink colored, natural keshi pearls are not dyed or treated in any way. They are unusual for their multicolor sheen and for their 'peacock' luster (nacre).  We added a large 14K yellow gold spring ring clasp for convenience.

We hand strung these pearls and knotted with extra strong thread for added security. There are 4 strings of keshis in this necklace to lengthen and double the size.


Natural Keshi pearls

Color: Shades of Gold and Peach with Blue, Green and Red Luster (nacre)

Luster: AAA (best)

Length: 28" Approximately

Clasp: 14K Yellow Gold, Spring Ring

We are all familiar with how to make cultured pearls:  a nucleus is inserted into a mollusk, which becomes an irritation. The mollusk then coats the irritation with nacre. The longer in the shell, the larger the pearl. A way was found to remove the pearl without killing the mollusk. Once removed, the mollusk fills the 'dent' left in the shell where the pearl had been with pure nacre. This becomes the (non-nucleated) keshi pearl. They are also called, "born-again" pearls. These are the highest quality natural keshi pearls.